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Sometimes life could be a little more complete by adding a blended beverage while underway on the water!

Built around the exact same design as our , which comes standard with "dual" water resistant forward storage compartments, the "Blender Boat" comes complete with a solid state blender mounted inside the compartment closest to the paddler, leaving the second box open for storing personal items such as wallet, keys, cell phone, camera, etc. Includes: 12v 10 Amp GelCel battery, carrying strap, plug-in wire harness, and battery charger.
NOTE: The blender is removable allowing additional storage capacity!

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  Contoured Cockpit   Lockable Storage
  Self Bailing Drain   Carrying Handles
  Adjustable Foot Pegs   Rubber Bumpers
  Solid Body Construction   Options Available
  Blender: Chops, Purees, Blends, Mixes and Crushes Ice.   Power Source: 96 Watts, 12 amp, 12 volt gel-cel sealed lead/acid battery. Removable battery includes carrying strap, quick release battery harness, plug-in wire harness and battery charger.
Additional Storage: Double Water Resistant Forward Mounted Storage Compartments (Blender mounts in one) (L 7.5"L x 4.5"W x 8W" each)
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Royak Blender Boat- $2.000.00
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Patent No. 36499977
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