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Royak Boat Features
-Royak Boat Features
- ABS plastic consruction which is protected by rubberized U.V. fade resistant bonded laminant
- Adjustable footpegs
- Handles fore and aft

Sliding storage hatch with marine latch

- Positive floatation with 2.5 cubic ft. of styrofoam encased within the hull
- Capacity of 425 lbs. and accommodations for a passenger as tall as 6'4"
- Chemically bonded seams for permanent strength and endurance

-Royak Specifications
-Length: 14 ft.
-Weight: 52 lbs.
-Beam: 22 inches
-Draft: 4 inches
-Hull Design: U Shape
-Storage Capacity: 5 cu. ft.

-Royak's Custom Hull Design . -Royak's Unique Deck Design

The multi-design hull has a wide range of use; from ocean and river touring to spending a day out on the lake. Its high volume hull performs best for persons up to 200 pounds. This hull design is best highlighted when ocean touring in changing water conditions, just as one experiences at the surf and in calm to rolling rough seas.

The river tourist also experiences changing water conditions, from smooth to whitewater. It is these types of constantly changing water conditions in which you need a boat with a multi-use hull. Hull is not designed for whitewater although it performs well in rapids up to class III.

The Royak's unique high buoyancy bow design allows for immediate recovery when the Royak pierces through large waves, specifically surf and whitewater. This bulbous bow helps prevent pearling. The rounded U-shape midsection allows a smooth stable ride thorough turbulent waves. This U-shape midsection will help ease the beginner from the threat of being capsized, that is, if his lean is not exactly right when paddling forward through cross currents or eddies.


The most distinctive feature about the deck is the open cockpit. It's open anatomical seat and backrest supports a paddlers legs and back comfortably while eliminating all fears of possible entrapment common to other boats in its class.

Because the cockpit is self-bailing the paddler has the option of boarding or disembarking while out in the open sea, lake, or river. The cockpit gunnels are low, so as to enable the paddler to slide out and climb back in with ease. With a little practice you can get back in just as fast as most kayakers execute the Eskimo Roll with little if any chance of hitting your head on rocks!

It's important to understand that the Royak is a wet boat rather than a dry boat. Although, if the conditions are cold, it's recommended that the paddler wear a dry or wet suit to remain comfortable.

The second most obvious feature is the large storage compartment with a sliding door and lockable latch. This compartment will carry gear for just about anybody's needs ranging from the camper, canoer, diver, fisherman, or photographer.

Pronounced rocker of hull and low midsection provides surprisingly good spinning ability. The stern is a combination of U and V design rounding to a taper towards the aft. At this point, a two-inch-keel is molded integrally into the hull, which provides excellent tracking.

Made in Orangevale, California - USA
Patent No. 36499977
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